Since this posting is a product of my procrastination (it is Sunday night after all), I’m going to keep it short. Let me preface this by saying that one of my favourite ways to pass the time (well, when there are limited options. like ugh, in a staff meeting) is to make lists. Grocery lists, Christmas lists, to-do lists, what-to-read-next lists, how-much-longer-until-I pay-off the VISA lists – you get the idea. Generally I like to keep it old school by writing these lists on scraps of paper, old napkins and post-it notes. And, generally, these lists are lost within the first half hour.

One day I realized that this system just wasn’t working for me. This led to an internet search for a more permanent list home. Obviously, this couldn’t be just any whiteboard, so I scoured the stock. This is when I had a second epiphany – maybe I could make something myself – which by the way, is a big deal for me, due to a combination of laziness and a lack of crafty prowess.

So, off I went to Michael’s to pick up piece of scrapbooking paper to act as a background.

Scrapbooking paper

The next steps were easy – find a picture frame hanging around the house, cut scrapbooking paper to fit the frame, and re-assemble the whole biznass. Add a dry erase marker and never search for lists again!

The finished product

And there you have it – my $1.69 list-olution (see what I did there? I’ve decided to DIY my words now too).