Very Pinteresting Jun17


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Very Pinteresting

Dear Google,

It’s not you, it’s me. Um, actually, it’s Pinterest.
Maybe we can still be friends?

– Jacqui

I’m what you call an internet n00b. I don’t really understand how Twitter works, I don’t have a YouTube account, and I barely maintain this Blog. In fact, the only social media I use on a daily basis is Facebook, which is no feat, since apparently 16.6 million Canadians do too. Recently though, I’ve been down with the Pinterest. ¿Qué? you might say, that is, if you were Spanish (side note – totally used Google translator to ensure correctness; guess I have some trouble letting go of the past). Pinterest is basically what it’s called – a website that allows you (via a handy toolbar icon) to archive all the interesting images you come across while trolling the internet. It does all this by arranging your images attractively, by category, on a “board.” I’m kind of lame, so I only have 3 boards, 2 of which have under 4 pins. Follow me anyway.

The best part of Pinterest is browsing through other people’s boards and recent pins. I’m no cook, but the pins in the “food + drink” category are worth making an account for, even if you just use them to fuel your food fantasies. Pinterest is also great for remembering where you saw that black and white zig zag rug or guide to naming your first born:

Personally, I’m thinking Prince Whipper Whip for a boy and Goldie Loc for a girl.