The Appliances of Destiny

When Scott and I met, it was love at first sight. Let me revise. When Scott and I met our house, it was love at first sight. After looking at 20+ houses, we knew this was the house we wanted within the first 5 minutes of walking in the door. It just didn’t have the kitchen we wanted. Between the green counter tops, 22 year old appliances, and mismatched cabinets, it just wasn’t giving us the “not ugly” vibe. Never mind the fact that we told our real estate agent that we weren’t interested in any houses with galley kitchens.

As penniless first time homeowners, we figured we would suck it up and live with what we were given. That was until I came across the – dramatic pause – Appliances of Destiny. It was fate. There they were, a triumvirate of stove, fridge, and dishwasher, gleaming on the back page of the Lowe’s flyer. All for the low, low price of $1680. Plus an extra 10% off with the use of a Lowe’s card. Miracle of miracles!

After a day of pretending to responsibly debate the merits of new appliances, I walked into Lowe’s, bought the Appliances of Destiny, and never looked back. Actually, due to one dented stove and one incorrect model, we looked back two more times, but who’s counting. This is also why I love Lowe’s – after the two stove mishaps, we ended up with a way better stove (a Whirlpool convection versus the basic model Frigidaire we paid for) and a $150 refund. See what I mean? The Appliances of Destiny made it rain money!

We’ve had the Appliances of Destiny for just over a year now and every day I give thanks at the shrine I made for them in the basement. Kidding. You might catch me lovingly rubbing their stainless steel surfaces with specialty wipes though. In all seriousness, they are excellent appliances that I would highly recommend for anyone looking for some basic, small space, stainless steel upgrades.

Before I end this post, I think I should explain why I collectively call our fridge, stove, and dishwasher the Appliances of Destiny. You see, after they arrived, it just didn’t seem fair to put their shining, stainless steel selves in that old musty kitchen. So, we made the executive decision to renovate the kitchen, top to bottom, with our remaining $8000. At least we sold our old appliances for $150 on Kijiji. That helped pay for one cabinet…door…handle.