Why I Love Kijiji

Making your bed is a complete waste of time. It’s like the modern myth of Sisyphus – make your bed, sleep in it, make your bed, sleep in it, make your bed – FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.  In my opinion, there are only three reasons why you should make a bed: 1) you’re 8 years old and your mom or dad has threatened you with a grounding, 2) you have company coming over and for some reason they will be spending time in your bedroom, or 3) you are taking pictures of the new nightstands you found for a sweet deal on Kijiji. I made my bed today – guess why?

Yep, while doing my daily Kijiji perusal, I found an ad for this desirable item, otherwise known as Ikea’s HEMNES One Drawer Nightstand:

The seller wanted $80, which is the regular retail price. Except, that price was for two nightstands, thereby confirming my love for Kijiji. Swooooooon. Did I mention the best part? No assembly required!

Originally, I was going to put both nightstands in the guestroom. Then Scott pointed out that it might be better to replace the rickety old NORESUND Nightstand I have been using in our bedroom with one of the Kijiji finds. Not a bad idea, considering our dresser and Scott’s nightstand are also HEMNES offspring. So, this is what we have going on in the bedroom now:

The other Kijiji find took over for our $7.99 LACK side-table-disgused-as-a-nightstand in the guestroom:

In a shocking turn of events (hah), Scott vetoed my idea to paint the guestroom nightstand yellow – you might recall my lengthy discussion on his love of the absence of colour here. Given my lack of experience painting anything (also discussed at length in the aforementioned post), I gave in, with one concession – I get to replace the knobs.

I was thinking of something flowery for the guestroom, like these gray peonies from a local Etsy seller:

I also found these equally interesting contenders (bedroom options on left, guestroom options on right) on Hobby Lobby’s website:

So many knobs (insert immature giggle), so little time.