Grim and Bear It

Yes, I am aware that the title of this post says “grim” and not “grin.” And yes, it is a play on the name of the colour (CIL’s Grimmy’s Grey) we painted our exterior bits this weekend. You should know by now that I love me a mediocre pun. And the colour grey, as evidenced by my car, guestroom, and winter sweater collection.

As you may have deduced, Scott and I spent this weekend painting the outside of our house. The fact that this task was entered into voluntarily by Scott is slightly worrisome, but – don’t worry – it appears to have nothing to do with feverish delusions or the consumption of some sort of rave party staple. It might actually have something to do with the guilt (or is it shame? Such a fine line…) we both felt at not doing much around the house since returning from our Greece/Turkey vacation 2 weeks ago.

Whatever the reason, our shutters and garage were washed, primed and painted in a 24 hour period. In other words, it went from this…

…to this:

We also took this time to complete the refinishing of our house numbers. While on vacation, my dad removed our house numbers from their rotted wooden plank of a home, spray painted them black, and reinstalled them (minus the plank, arrgh). Unfortunately, the original screws were unusable due to rust, so my dad replaced them with some shiny silver ones. Except the new screws stared out from the freshly painted black numbers like clothing at a Turkish bath. Maybe you had to be there? Anyhow, nothing a black Sharpie couldn’t fix. Tide to Go stick, consider yourself trumped.

You might be wondering why our door has been absent from this particular photo shoot. Well, we have other plans for the door. Other plans being a different paint colour. Of which we haven’t decided upon yet. Us being indecisive? Shocking.