The Scoop

So, it turns out that I’m the kind of mom who spends hours in the evening lovingly making things for her kid. Or at least I have been that kind of mom for about three days now. That’s all because I signed up for a “quiet book” swap through the moms’ group I joined when Isla was born (oh…yeah…I’m one of those moms too).

The whole concept of a quiet book is to provide kids with mobile, reusable activity pages for entertainment in situations where silence (or as close as you can get) is desirable. Since I’m not creative in the least, I opted to use this printable (and a bit of that template) to make a design your own ice cream cone page. And since I can’t sew, I used heat activated Velcro to stick the scoops to the page (one of the moms at the swap did sew, so my fridge pocket is securely attached).


The Neapolitan

I think it turned out pretty well. And Isla? She didn’t have much to say about it. Maybe in a year or two…once she learns how to talk and appreciate nice things.