The Goods

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby in a baby carriage…with a lot of shopping bags hanging off the handle. Everyone knows that babies are expensive. Diapers, furniture, formula, car seats, daycare – the list goes on. What people don’t tell you is that babies are expensive because they are milk sucking vampires that force you to spend endless hours trapped in one spot with online shopping as your only source of entertainment. This is why breastfeeding is now synonymous with shopping in our house.

Since I’ve been at this breastfeeding/online shopping thing for six plus months, I’ve amassed quite the collection of goods through my Pinterest, Amazon and Etsy accounts. I thought I would share some of my favourite finds with those of you who aren’t immobilized by a tiny human leech on a regular basis.

1. Harem Pants & Jersey Headbands (Maisie Jayne):

First of all, every parent should be able to legitimately yell “hammer time!” while dangling their baby over balconies. Furthermore, babies look devastatingly cute in drop crotch pants (I am definitely going to end up getting a bunch of perverts googling “cute crotch” on my blog now). Most importantly, these pants are lightweight and grow with your kid (by rolling the cuffs and waistband up or leaving them down). The matching jersey headbands are also a nice alternative to affixing a peony on steroids to your baby’s head, which seems to be the thing to do these days.

2. Wooden iPhone Teether (3 Princesses Store):

Isla’s favourite toy is anything she is not supposed to put in her mouth. Therefore, one of her favourite things is my iPhone. Unfortunately, my phone is a Petri dish facilitating the development of new superbugs. Enter wooden teether to the rescue. Also, it can be personalized with your baby’s name. Not that Isla cares, but I think that’s cool.

3. Wooden Province/State Teether (Little Sapling Toys):

The urge to purchase this teether on the basis of awesomeness alone is highly tempting . If you’ve been to my house, you may have noticed the print of Ontario on our gallery wall. Imagine if Isla had a teether to match! These are the insane justifications I tell myself during 4 am feelings. Resistance is futile.

4. Bandana Bibs (La Petite Covers):

I was hoping for a hipster. Instead, we had a girl. That’s okay though, because these bibs transform Isla into the little hipster I always knew she could be. Never mind that there are pages of fabrics to choose from (Isla has a pink houndstooth, a moustache and an anchor patterned bib). Or that these bibs are reversible because they are backed with either flannel or a soft minky fabric (great for sensitive skin). They need to make these for adults so I stop strangling myself whenever I try to sport a scarf.