Mexico with a Baby

I love Mexico. Actually, I love Mexican food, which they happen to do a pretty good job of making in Mexico. Also, have you seen the abs on Mario Lopez? I’m kidding. Is he even Mexican?

Anyhow, we went there. To Mexico that is – not Mario Lopez. All these haters be like “good luck traveling with a baby!” Well, OH SNAP – it was awesome. Disclaimer – I also thought labour was weirdly awesome too, so my idea of fun and your idea of fun might differ.

I could go on about picking the right hotel (we went with the super family friendly Azul Fives by Karisma) or how much to pack for a week away (a lot less than what I packed). But I’ve decided to focus on surviving the airplane, since that was the thing I was most worried about. Honestly, there is always going to be that one kid that is louder, crazier and more annoying than your’s…unless there’s not. Sorry about that.

Long story slightly shorter, here’s a list of stuff that made my life easier during an 8 hour travel session. Keep in mind that Isla was 8.5 months at the time and is EBF, so she didn’t have to wait for the resort to take advantage of an all inclusive meal plan. Lucky.

1. Backpack

I have an awesome diaper bag. It looks great (at least in my opinion) draped over a shoulder or the back of a stroller. And, it’s HUGE – a positive quality when it’s the only thing you’re carrying around but not so much when you’re also dragging along a kid, a stroller, and some overstuffed luggage. For this trip I bought a cheap ($9.99 at Target) backpack for hands-free diaper changes. To compensate for the lack of interior pockets, I used Ziploc freezer bags to compartmentalize items (e.g., diapers/wipes, backup outfit, books).

2. Munchkin Arm & Hammer Pacifier Wipes

Isla’s third favourite thing to do (after chewing on wires and playing with knives) is to throw her toys on the floor. These wipes allowed Isla to indulge in this hobby all week without contracting anything too disgusting – we hope.

3. Wet Ones Antibacterial Hand Wipes

Scott said I looked like a crazy person for busting these out on the plane to wipe down every imaginable surface within a 3 foot radius. Then Isla licked the seat in front of us and he thanked me.

4. Travel Stroller

Since we already own two other strollers (a Safety 1st Clic It Universal Infant Car Seat Carrier and the Peg Perego Vela Easy Drive), we opted to buy the cheapest umbrella stroller on the market with a canopy (because thanks to Scott, our child is half albino in complexion). After watching the baggage handlers drag gate checked strollers while having breakfast at the airport, I’m glad we left our other strollers at home. However, if you travel a lot, we met a couple who raved about the Chicco Liteway (I was jealous that the seat could be flattened into a makeshift bassinet).

5. In-flight Entertainment

Haha, not for you! Good luck getting through a meal. Also, don’t ask for red wine unless you look good in burgundy. Pack a variety of new and loved age appropriate toys and books. We brought a few small Dr. Seuss board books, an indestructible copy of “Old MacDonald Had a Farm” (by far the best distraction tool in our bag), a finger puppet board book (as long as the mouse is moving, I could be speaking gibberish), Sophie the giraffe, a favourite doll, a crinkly book, and a teething ring. Then watch as your kid spends the majority of the flight trying to eat your hat.

And that’s about it. Although, when I asked Scott what he would add to this list, he said chloroform. Not sure how acceptable that is, especially at an airport but better to be over prepared than under.