Busy Bags Mar09


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Busy Bags

Nothing witty to see here, folks. Just a photo tour of the busy bags (distraction kits designed to occupy a child’s attention with minimal effort) I acquired at a Momstown busy bag exchange night:

From top left: Number Matching, Symmetry Butterflies, Busy Wallet, and Build a Pizza


From top left: Build a Face, I Spy Bottle, Button Snake, and Popsicle Colour Matching

Number Matching and Decorating Cupcakes

To honour my pizza loving husband, I created a make your own pizza busy bag. I figured little ones (but not quite Isla little because she definitely has an unhealthy taste for craft foam) can decorate the pizzas using the accompanying toppings, while older kids can use theĀ Pizza Menu cards (I laminated mine with dollar store lamination cards) to practice counting. Or scratch them on the table to make really irritating noises. Whatever works.