Frida Toddler Blanket by Carousel Belle Mar09


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The Goods: Frida Kahlo

After organizing my Etsy favourites, I’ve noticed that I have a strange fascination with Frida Kahlo. I’ve already mentioned my love of Mexicans in general, and Mexican food specifically. However, I think that my obsession transcends these arbitrary cultural designations – for me, it’s about that iconic unibrow. Anyone who makes hairy eyebrows acceptable is a hero and deserves to have their picture plastered over all kinds of handmade goods. Just sayin’.

Since we’re being so forthcoming here, I thought I would put my collection out in the open.

The Frida Red Rosette Headband by Confetti Babe

If I could get away with wearing this, I would have one already. I’m working on accessory training with Isla though (we got hats covered but we’re still working through the headbands are not food lesson), so maybe I can justify this one in the near future.

Frida Dress by Minimalista Clothing

This dress is surreal-ly cute. Sorry. I’ve been pun free for a while. It just slipped out…

Frida Toddler Blanket by Carousel Belle

Give me all the blankets. For real, I think I need to sew together at least 3 of them to cover my adult sized body.

Women's History Colouring Book by Coloring Outside

Magnetic Frida Doll from Unemployed Philosophers Guild

Genius. This is what little girls’ dreams are made of – being able to dress up a Mexican communist in both traditional and modern magnetic clothes.

…Should I be embarrassed that this is only a “best of” list?