Can you tell how excited I am for this post?

Since moving in a year and a half ago, Scott and I have redecorated every room in our house. Every room, except our living room, which incidentally is second only to the kitchen in terms of frequency of use. It also happens to be the largest room in our house, and therefore the most expensive room to furnish. So, until this weekend, the most redecorating we did was paint the walls (actually, we didn’t even do that – my parents painted it as a one year anniversary gift).

Our nicest of friends would probably describe the room as blah. Our more blunt friends might say that it is uncomfortable, given the fact that the only official seating in the room is a three person couch recycled from our apartment days. Unofficial seating is our 5 x 7 wool carpet, which is why we decided to delve into the realm of the sectional sofa. An Ikea sectional sofa, by the name of Ektorp.

Now, I have always been skeptical of Ikea couches. From my vast experience with their couches (gleaned from years of sitting on display models during brief pauses in epic Swedish shopping sprees), I always thought Ikea sofas were a little diminutive (haha). That was until the the convergence of two events: 1) the arrival of the fall catalogue and 2) the purchase of an Ikea sofa by the folks over at Young House Love. I mean, if everyone is doing it, it must be right!

Fast forward to this past weekend. Ikea was holding one of their legendary living room sales (buy one fabric covered living room piece and get the second 50% off), which significantly sped up the decision making process. Thus, we left on Sunday with this fine piece of chair (the Ektorp Jennylund in Svanby Gray):

And the promised arrival of the Ektorp 2 + 2 on Wednesday evening (for some hilarious reason we originally thought we might be able to fit this three piece couch in my mom’s van). Future guests rejoice – no more rug burns after movie night!