Holy Cran!

So, its been a while since I’ve been on here. A long while. You might think that means that we have been up to all kinds of fantastical house renovations and updates. It hasn’t. It just means that I have been incredibly lazy. Totally out of character for me of course. Hah.

Before I took my extended leave of absence, I mentioned our dilemma over picking a front door paint colour. I know, you must have all been waiting in extreme anticipation for the big reveal (more sarcasm dripped from that last statement than paint from our front door, and let me tell you, after 7 coats of paint, that adds up to a lot). For those of you who are still reading (I’m impressed), the dilemma was over two paint colours. In one corner, there was sunny, welcoming, anti-establishment yellow, while in the other corner there was sophisticated, mellow, responsible cranberry. Being the beacons of maturity, Scott and I ended up going with Behr’s Cranapple. For proof, see below:

Thus, our door went from this (really just a gratuitous shot of Scott freaking out our real estate agent during the home inspection)…

…to Cranapple. We also took the time to fill in some mysterious deep door gashes with Scott’s favourite substance, DAP. So, after 3 coats of paint, we ended up with something like this:

And with 4 more coats, thisĀ  what it looks like today (uh, and has looked everyday since we did this over a month ago):

As novice exterior door painters, here’s a tip we wish we knew ahead of time: when the paint counter assistant asks you if you want primer, it is NOT a trick question. Say yes. Unless you enjoy re-enacting the movie Groundhog Day with a can of paint and an even more horrendous plot line…