Won’t You Be Mine?

Hi, my name is Jacqueline and I’m a Targetaholic (it’s pronounced Tar-jay-aholic by the way). I don’t know when my obsession with a discount department store started, but it’s been around for a loooooong time. Long enough to encourage numerous cross border trips over the last ten years. Long enough to infiltrate my wardrobe. And long enough to make me crazy enough to visit every Target store in my vicinity when they finally opened their doors to us Canadians in mid-March. My mom even booked a day off of work to attend a store opening, so I’m assuming that the obsession has a deep genetic basis.

For those of you who were mumbling about the prices not being the same as they are stateside – I hear you. I mean, a box of Hello Panda cookies (my other obsession) is only $1.00 in Buffalo but an INSANE $1.70 here. Never. Shopping. There. Again.

As Maury (what? I watch a lot of daytime TV now that I’m on maternity leave) would say: the lie detectors have determined THAT was a lie.

Of course I’m going back (I’ve been four five times). It may not be the discount dream store but here’s what I like about it:

1) It’s (currently) cleaner and more spacious than other similar stores. I appreciate that my child is not getting slapped in the face by hangers when I roll her around in her stroller.

2) There’s a Starbucks. Even if they don’t take gift cards and made the worst Earl Grey Tea Latte I’ve ever choked down.

3) They have fair prices. For example, I bought a two pack of playpen crib sheets for $10.99. In contrast, one crib sheet costs $14.99 at Babies “R” Us (this is how I know I’m a mom…I now reference Babies “R” Us price lists). Plus, Target’s baby sheets have chevron. Chevron. Chevvvvvvvrrroooooonnnnn.

4) Their clothing, shoe, and accessory lines are trendier than Walmart’s. Although, I guess most places are trendier than Walmart. Additionally, a large proportion of Walmart patrons scare me. In contrast, so far I haven’t encountered any truly odd Target shoppers. However, it is worth noting that the last time Scott and I were at our local Target, someone farted really…enthusiastically. I mean, there was no one around us and we heard it loud and clear, so it must have echoed throughout the entire building. Definitely the highlight of our trip. I’m going to count that as a point for Target.

5) They carry some unique food products. We purchased a chai flavoured instant oatmeal (with quinoa for all you hipsters), Archer Farms brand curry chips, and a baked creamy tomato mac and cheese.

6) They have fun home decor. On my last visit I stopped to ogle this chair (reasonably priced at $169.99):

And, against Scott’s wishes, left with this green Ikat duvet cover for our bedroom at $59.99 (Scott says “it looks like Grandma’s house”):

Our new duvet set, courtesy of Target Canada

I also bought a tiny teal gnome for my future flower pots, because I could (and why wouldn’t you).

I wanted to end with some sort of bullseye or target pun but that would be too lame, even for me. Seriously.