The M-pty Dresser

Funny story. It took us a month to name our second kid. Not like, a month after getting pregnant. Or a month after finding out the baby’s sex, like normal people. I mean, a month after she was born. People assume that because of this, her name was carefully chosen from a curated list. 

Um. No. Here’s how it really went down after weeks of family input, scouring baby name forums and holding well-meaning visitors hostage until they picked their favourite from our list…

Me: We need a name!

Scott: What about Adeline? I like Adeline.

Me: …you know we already used Adeline for our other daughter’s middle name, right?

Scott: Yeah. We can change her name though. She won’t even know!

Me: No. What about Madeline? Adeline with an M?

Scott: Ok.

Nailed it.

Anyway, I feel this strange compulsion to overcompensate for this nameless baby fiasco by including her name on things whenever possible. M’s dresser is no exception. Well, a slight exception because I’m lazy, so I decided to stick with just her first initial. Bonus points for using gold glitter though.

Here’s what you get when you combine a 12″ wooden letter from Walmart, 3 coats of Martha Stewart’s Purple Yam paint and 6 coats of her Florentine Gold paint:


M-pressive, right?